Storytelling Pilgrimage through the Christmas Story

Thanks to Building Faith for this Great Idea!

Combine storytelling and pilgrimage to make an intergenerational opportunity for the whole community.

As author Dina Widlake writes,
“Both storytelling and pilgrimage are meant to be experiences of the heart. When the two are combined and interwoven with our biblical stories, surprising pathways open for us to experience God, to embody the story, and to link God’s story to our lived experience. This kind of storytelling by pilgrimage can open powerful pathways for a transformation of the heart.”

She then invites congregations to ‘create a storytelling pilgrimage through the Christmas story as told in the gospels of Matthew and Luke’.

Widlake offers background, encourages using building the pilgrimage as a bonding experience for families and intergenerational preparers, offers scalability suggestions, (start small!), and encourages using elements already on hand.

The article includes photos of her congregation’s storytelling pilgrimage, outlines ‘Steps for Building the Pilgrimage’, and a Guidebook Sample.

Read the full article and find the free guidebook sample here.