Stop Confirming Teenagers…!

Thanks to the Association of Partners in Christian Education for creating this Great Idea – and to United Church Educators for sharing it broadly!!

Mark Hinds writes, “…Confirmation and the profession of faith are not synonymous… We’ve heard that young people are averse to joining institutions, especially if the institution is only focused inward. However, teenagers will join causes, something with the purpose that makes a difference in the world. That’s why it’s time to stop confirming teenagers to church membership and start confirming them to missional engagement.”

Find ways to invite non-church kids into the mission of your congregation in Church-School Partnerships (scroll to the second-to-last paragraph for specifics).

Find Mark Hinds’ Commissioned to Change the World Confirmation Curriculum here.

This is one of the most important Great Ideas I’ve come across in a while – it’s something I’ve believed and attempted to articulate and practice for years, to limited buy-in from peers and other leaders. Please give it a thorough read – and let’s chat about ways The Ministry Lab can support you in making the suggested transformations come to life!