Six New Things – Week of September 12, 2022

Jeremiah’s call to repentance (RCL for this past Sunday) and 9/11 remembrances, have inspired resources that ground us in Divine Love and renewed commitments to (re-)turn to right relationships with God, creation, one another, and ‘things’.


Start by tending our primary and most reassuring relationship with Divine Love:

For your Littlest, Glenys Nellist shares board book #1 – Good News! God Loves You (Our Daily Bread);

for early readers and their families, Traci Smith provides Little Prayers for Everyday Life (Beaming);

for all generations (together!) Mitali Perkins offers The Story of Us (Beaming)…


…which leads directly into how desperately we need to attend to our relationship with this glorious orb we call home. To which end:

instill wonder in toddlers with Glenys Nellist’s board book #2 – Good News! It’s Creation! (Our Daily Bread);

explore how to care with Laura Alary’s Here: The Dot We Call Home (Broadleaf);

and amaze adults In a Land of Awe: Finding Reverence in the Search for Wild Horses (Broadleaf).


Remembering our interconnectedness with this astounding creation reminds us to tend to our relationships with one another:

Start by (re)discovering the gift of confession with On Repentance and Repair: Making Amends in an Unapologetic World (Penguin Random House).


Next, listen to (and study) voices stifled by supremacist culture: gain insight and personal inspiration with  A Brown Girl’s Epiphany: Reclaim Your Intuition and Step into Your Power (Broadleaf)…


Glimpse and work to transform the nightmares of racism and misogyny by empowering [Then They Came for Mine:] Healing from the Trauma of Racial Violence (WJK)…


…and dig into the roots of local and global suffering by adjusting relationships with money and people living in poverty by hearing (and studying) a new perspective on The Unjust Steward: Wealth, Poverty, and the Church Today (Forward Movement).

Relationships will heal this broken world; dig in and find some hope and joy!!!