Six New Things – Week of May 3, 2021

In these are rapidly changing times, challenges can seem overwhelming. Anxiety, depression, fear, and trauma are mounting. Here are resources to help you take care of the young, the vulnerable,  the church, and your self.


Help your Littles develop:

Find similar resources in our Hope & Resilience and Contemplative & Mental Health Practices for Children & Youth lib guides


Ground personal growth with Bible-based stories for children from Flyaway:

Find comparable resources in our Bible & Prayer with Young People lib guide.


Be sure adults are healthy and grounded by providing excellent pastoral care – without over-taxing yourself!

Further develop your In-Reach & Congregational Care Teams with resources from our lib guide.


Be sure to take care of yourself, too!!

  • Isolation is a leading cause of depression, anxiety, and burn-out. So, this one might be just for you (though sharing it might not be a bad idea!): The Friendship Initiative: 31 Days of Loving and Connecting Like Jesus is a Gospel-based journey toward developing stronger and more loving relationships.
  • Improv Therapy Group has developed a curriculum just for clergy, using improv to explore emotional intelligence, resilience, and increased creativity – good for working with members and co-workers.
  • Jump into The Ministry Lab’s new Round Table discussion, each 1st Tuesday of the month at noon. We’ll tackle hot-button issues, starting June 3rd, with REOPENING. Everyone is an expert; anyone can bring questions! Read more about it and get the registration link here.


Reopening is the time to Reimagine Church (find lots of resources in our aptly named lib guide!). What can we become? What can we leave behind? Where is God calling us???

Some of the latest inspirations include:


Reimagine what summer might contain with new takes on some old favorites:

Reimagine, enrich, take time for yourself, and be well, dear colleagues!