Six New Things – Week of May 16, 2022

A life grounded in love and shaped by the wisdom of communal stories can lead us from oppression to freedom; inner turmoil to culture shifts; loneliness to belonging; and being our whole, True Self.


OH, my goodness! Check out this book with Some Daddies (Beaming) – living out of and into diverse cultures, contexts, and relationships – all of whom love their kiddos immensely – and in very different ways. Super fun book for kids, parents, families, etc.!


From familial love to communal harmony, The Power of Storytelling in Worship and Education (Woodlake) can’t be underestimated. Discover the art of storytelling and its power to transform, invite, and bond us together in visions of a world made new.


Fractured hearts and communities need new stories for healing and direction. Let My People Live: An Africana Reading of Exodus (WJK) offers a communal approach to reading the text – and a journey from white supremacy toward freedom for all.


Can our bodies lead us toward the promised land? Robyn Henderson-Espinoza says, “Yes!” in Body Becoming: A Path to Our Liberation (Broadleaf), exploring the deep wisdom of the body “where culture shifts originate and materialize”.


Immerse yourself in the stories of 13-25-year-olds as they celebrate experiences of belonging and connection – and find research-based resources to address loneliness among your young people in Sprintide’s LessLonely digital booklet.


Allow yourself the radical gift of self-care and the extraordinary empowerment of self-love as you embrace the powerful feminine Divine within; discover new stories about your whole being with I Am Diosa: A Journey to Healing Deep, Loving Yourself, and Coming Back Home to Soul (TarcherPerigee).


Please note:

There will be no Six New Things on Memorial Day, May 30; back at it on Monday, June 6!