Six New Things – Week of March 7, 2022

We kick off Women’s History Month with a pile of books designed to empower female-gendered persons to see the Divine within themselves; empower Black girl activists; inspire young female leadership; affirm our bisexual sisters coming of age; trace the arc of misogyny through history; and ward it off in the here and now.


Teresa Kim Pecinovsky (author) and Khoa Le‘s (illustrator) gorgeous picture book Mother God (Beaming) welcomes children into a fuller, more diverse understanding of what it means to be made in the image of God.

Find additional resources for Exploring God in our lib guide.


In Black Girls Unbossed: Young World Changers Leading the Way (Beaming), Christi Lauren Adams, shares profiles of eight young Black women currently engaged in social change-making to encourage today’s Black girls (and all young people) to join together in saying, “enough is enough” and build a better world.

Find more inspiring Perspectives and Stories in our lib guide.


Inspire your littlest Littles with current history-maker, I Am Malala Yousafzai (Dial), the latest in the Ordinary People Change the World Series.

Support Developing Young Leaders in your community with resources from our lib guide.


Delight in discovering how people with all sorts of interests can be change-makers with Harriet’s Ruffled Feathers (Atheneum).

Find more resources for talking about Creation Care and doing Climate & Sustainability work in our lib guides.


Affirm young people coming out as bisexual with Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew’s stunning, Swinging on the Garden Gate: A Memoir of Bisexuality and Spirit, Second Edition (Skinner).

Find additional support for LGBTQIA+ youth and their caregivers in our lib guide.


And if you’re ready to really take a critical look at history, you might find yourself In Defense of Witches: The Legacy of Witch Hunts and Why Women Are Still on Trial (St Martin’s), a celebration of the witch as a symbol of female rebellion and independence in the face of misogyny and persecution.

Find more resources for Confronting Misogyny in our lib guide.


Sharing our history and learning from current leaders is a great way to inspire the leaders we’ll be talking about in the future! Happy Women’s History Month!