Six New Things – Week of March 11, 2024

Empowerment specifically for folx often made to feel insecure and redefining ‘security’ amidst diversity: authors’ particular perspectives share New Life for all ages, across social strata, and from local to international communities.


Another beautiful offering from Matthew Paul Turner (When God Made You, When God Made Light, and I Am God’s Dream), You Will Always Belong (Penguin Random House), reminds children, ‘that their own worth comes from who they were created to be from the very beginning, with all their unique gifts and personalities’.

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Be specific in your accolades with Black Girl You Are Atlas (Kokila), ‘a thoughtful celebration of Black girlhood by award-winning author and poet Renée Watson‘ who uses ‘a variety of poetic forms’ as ‘tender odes to the Black women in her life, and urgent calls for Black girls to step into their power’.

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‘Written by a neurodivergent author (Jen Malia) with three neurodivergent children’, Connor and the Taekwondo Tournament (Beaming) is the latest Infinity Rainbow Club installment, featuring a protagonist with ADHD who learns perseverance and focus despite regular distractions from his nemesis.

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Combining ‘liberation theology, radical politics, and an even more radical hope’, Cedar Monroe introduces us to, Trash: A Poor White Journey (Broadleaf) in which they wonder, ‘what would happen if poor white folks rejected the empty promises of white supremacy and embraced solidarity with other poor people? What if they joined the resistance to the system that is… killing us all?’

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In Security after Christendom: Global Politics and Political Theology for Apocalyptic Times (Cascade), author John Heathershaw, (University of Exeter), identifies security as, ‘neither found in faithful government nor an exclusive church-as-polis approach’, but rather in ‘a post-Christendom community [that] expresses its love for the world by seeking its security, providentially limiting the disorders of the secular age, and offering glimmers of a new earth’.

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Share a glimpse of that ‘new earth’ and New Life with Phyllis Alsdurf‘s fourth Countryside Holiday installment: Easter on the Farm (Beaming), a ‘bright, hopeful story’ that celebrates ‘the beauty of spring’ and includes instructions for  coloring eggs with natural dyes and making eggshell critters.

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I can’t resist sharing a few (mostly) free Easter resources:

Illustrated Ministry’s Easter Coloring Pages, Vol. 3 are now available. So is their Seven Last Words Worship Planning Guide – hot off the presses! Those aren’t free, but their Palm Fronds Coloring Page and Alleluia Coloring Page/Poster are!

American Lutheran Church Musicians are once again sharing their spectacular brass and organ-accompanied Jesus Christ Is Risen Today video – for free!

And The Ministry Lab’s Rev. Emily Meyer is preparing, ‘For the Whole World: Life Forevermore’, a sermon for April 7, 2024. It will coalesce the RCL texts for the Second Sunday of Easter and infuse the Good News with resurrection visions for all creation. The link will be available soon!

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