Six New Things – Week of June 24, 2024

The transition from Juneteenth and PRIDE Month to our national Independence Day offers time for reflection: how is Jesus calling us toward greater equity, justice, and liberty for ALL?


Inspire Littles to develop networks of friends and become co-creators of sustainable climate practices with Summer’s Magic (Penguin Random), which follows a young Indigenous boy who ‘invites new friends to share in beloved traditions as he celebrates the joy of summer and his love for Earth and Creator’. Download a free, accompanying seek-and-find activity sheet here.

Find additional inspiration for young Creation Care-givers in our lib guide.


Two visions for a more just and sustainable future come from Tending Tomorrow: Courageous Change for People and Planet (Menno Media/Herald) and Plenty Good Room: Co-Creating an Economy of Enough for All (Broadleaf). Both encourage building ‘nourishing webs of connection to sustain ourselves and future generations’ and invite us to ‘unleash [our] ingenuity for systems that offer plenty good room – not for just a few but for all’.

Find inspiration for congregational work of sustainability, equity, and community-building with our Community-Based Good News! Great Idea!


Land justice is not only about caring for the land, but caring who cares for the land. Rooted: The American Legacy of Land Theft and the Modern Movement for Black Land Ownership (Penguin Random), ‘explores the impact of land theft and violet displacement on racial wealth gaps’ and argues that ‘justice stems fro the literal roots of the earth’.

Learn more and engage in the movement through our Reparations & Restorative Justice lib guide.


Encourage youth. Deepen hope. Become a Youth Change Agent: Empower a Young Person to Make the Transition to a Better Life (Broadleaf). Empowered leaders can support youth on a path of joy and success.

Inspire young leaders with Illustrated Ministry’s new youth curriculum, Tell Me About the Bible: Extraordinary Leaders. They’re looking for leaders who can test the curriculum with their youth and send feedback before they publish the full curriculum. If interested, let them know here; invite colleagues to do the same by passing on this link.

Find more empowerment for Young Leaders in our lib guide.


As we close out PRIDE Month let’s ensure that ‘justice for all’ includes Embracing Queer Family: Learning to Live Authentically in Our Families and Communities (Broadleaf) and Making Room: Three Decades of Fighting for Beds, Belonging, and a Safe Place for LGBTQ Youth (Penguin), which encourage us to use our voices ‘to bring light to [our] communities’.

Find an accessible guide for congregational allyship in United Theological Seminary student, Bridgette Weber’s Listen4 and discover how ‘being an ally is about relationships and investment’.


Support spirits and hearts in their work by finding The Artist’s Joy: A Guide to Getting Unstuck, Embracing Imperfection, and Loving Your Creative Life (Broadleaf) and by Blessing It All: Rituals for Transition and Transformation (Skinner), both of which encourage us to ‘build a creative life that resonates deeply with [our] core values’ and ‘foster meaning and community’ as we mark the lived experiences of our days.

They can be found in our Contemplative Arts and Devotionals & Prayers lib guides, respectively.


Celebrate PRIDE. Strive for racial equity. And make waves of justice and equity for all this Independence Day!!