Six New Things – Week of July 8, 2024

The 4th has come and gone, yet justice, liberty, and community remain elusive. Here’s inspiration for, by, and about change-makers – from contemporary young people to biblical prophets; healers – for the body politic and body, mind, and soul; community-builders – with folx who are under-served, neurodiverse, and living with disabilities; and creation in all its abundance and fragility.


Invite your Littles and pre-teens into justice work with:

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Get adults into the action with Do the Work: A Guide to Understanding Power and Creating Change (Leaping Hare/Quarto) – an invitation to ‘challenge your biases and broaden your understanding of power and how we wield it’.

Root that good work in Jeremiah: The World and the Wound of God (Fortress), which exposes ‘the corruption of religious commitments’, addresses ‘national trauma and uncertainty’, and proclaims ‘the requirements of true lament and resolve’.

Find further support for working through Change/Conflict in our Leadership lib guide.


If there’s any question as to why Christians have work to do, share Baptizing America: How Mainline Protestants Helped Build Christian Nationalism (Chalice).

If there’s any question about urgency, talk with your teens and tweens. Springtide Research’s guide on How to Talk about Politics with Young People, includes important data on how many youth feel comfortable talking with adults about difficult issues (especially in their churches), how many youth strongly desire to have such a conversation with a caring adult, and tips for having those conversations direct from young people.

Find additional support for talking, walking, and working with youth – particularly around political or divisive conversations – in our Politics & Social Structures and Mentors & Leaders lib guides.


One simple step toward justice and stronger community is centering folx who are marginalized:

For leaders themselves, and/or working with others living with ADHD, Small Talk: 10 ADHD Lies and How to Stop Believing Them (Penguin Random House) breaks down ‘the harmful stereotypes about people with ADHD to help folx break away from fear, build themselves up, and ‘live [their] best neurodivergent life’.

Disability Intimacy: Essays on Love, Care, and Desire (Penguin Random House) is a ‘revolutionary collection of first-person writing on the joys and challenges of the modern disability experience, and intimacy in all its myriad forms’.

We linked this in our new Sexuality & Body Image lib guide, where you’ll find related resources.


Deepen that sense of belonging with deeply healing pastoral care.

Hood Wellness: Tales of Communal Care from People Who Drowned on Dry Land (Row House), ‘offers a revolutionary perspective that celebrates individuals’ unique privileges, challenges, and desires…defying the norms of multi-billion-dollar industries’ to ‘illuminate the possibilities that emerge when we prioritize well-being while divesting from harmful structures’.

In a similar vein but a different lens, Physician of Souls: Ministry as Medicine (Fortress), ‘seeks to revive the concept of “physician of souls” and apply it in modern times to promote healing and well-being on an individual, communal, and societal level’.

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Let all this justice work build toward a powerful Creationtide (September 1-October 4), which the Season of Creation website says, ‘invites all Christians to renew our relationship with our Creator and all creation through celebration, conversion, and commitment together’.

Building Faith has a pile of Season of Creation Formation Resources for all ages, intergenerational, and worship.

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