Six New Things – Week of July 24, 2023

Relationships, resilience, and rest equip and empower us to respond to the world’s big challenges – and more immediate needs, as well.


Three different generations, three different countries of origin, three different reasons for leaving: Straw Bag, Tin Box, Cloth Suitcase: Three Immigrant Voices (Reycraft) is one beautiful book on immigrant realities that will help reshape assumptions and encourage relationships.

Repurpose the book into a relationship-building event: get inspired by our New Neighbor Story Nights Great Idea.


Equip Littles (and everyone) to resonate with compassion with, The Sound of Kindness (Magination), an invitation to take a ‘kindness walk’ through any neighborhood, ‘listening for the sounds of kindness’.

All those ‘little’ sounds of kindness add up: You Are Changing the World: Whether You Like It or Not (Chalice) challenges ‘deeply held, though seldom examined, ideas about how large societal changes happen and what our own roles in those changes can and should be’.


Put listening skills to great use as you and your congregation dive into antiracism work. The Antiracist Heart: A Self-Compassion and Activism Handbook (Barrett-Koehler), ‘delivers a unique path to antiracist activism and introspection by applying neuroscience exercises, questionnaires, and journaling prompts’ based on How to Have Antiracist Conversations: Embracing Our Full Humanity to Challenge White Supremacy (Penguin – coming in August), which will empower activists, ‘to create change and equity through fierce yet compassionate dialogue against racism and systematic white supremacy’.


Become better at being kind to those trapped in human trafficking. Beyond Slavery: Christian Theology and Rehabilitation from Human Trafficking (Cascade) moves from the overwhelming task of stopping traffickers to the overlooked work of renewing and restoring those who have been freed.


The trauma of displacement isn’t reserved for people fleeing or forcibly removed from their home: Out of the Fires: A Journal of Resilience and Recovery after Disaster (Magination) is, ‘chock full of information on cultivating resilience after a natural disaster’ and includes end matter on building resilience.


If your challenges are more pragmatic and closer to home, check out Building Faith’s Top Picks for Children’s Ministry Curriculum, 2023 (most of them made our list, which is in our Sunday School lib guide); and Practical Resources for Churches has put together their 2023 Stewardship Annual Campaign Resources Round Up.

Find additional ideas in our Congregational Stewardship lib guide.


And don’t forget! We’ve got you covered for pulpit supply this summer. Discover our water-themed, community-empowering Welcome & Water sermon here. Email us for the recording link – and let us know if you’d like the accompanying liturgy!!

It’s part of our WaterThreads Toolkit: Water, Community, Well-Being – resources for intergenerational reading, learning, activities, and engagement with the water where you live and Indigenous Water Protectors already doing the work of safeguarding your water for all. Members have free access: email for the link!