Six New Things – Week of January 23, 2023

Be inspired by bold girls, strong and compassionate women, and apocalyptic dragons – all possibilities for a great Lenten journey.


What does it mean to be made in the image of God? God Is Just Like Me (Beaming) gives us a fresh take as one young Puerto Rican girl explores her community and every day finds new ‘examples of God’s character all around her’, even as she ‘talks to God about the delightful ways she and God are similar’.

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For kids new to their communities, Yuan’s Cardboard Castles (Beaming) is a magical encounter with the language of play bridging the language barrier to build new friendships. It includes background information on the origins of origami and instructions for kids to fold their own paper boat.

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Say Their Names (Reycraft), follows 7-year-old Aliya as reactions to the news move her ‘to make the lives of those lost matter’ – by leading her own protest march out of her living room into her neighborhood.

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Faitth Brooks wrote Remember Me Now: A Journey Back to Myself and a Love Letter to Black Women (Random House) as ‘an invitation to treat our lives as the sacred things they are – and a call to embrace the love, dreams, and healing that only we can choose for ourselves’.

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In Faithful and True: A Study Guide to the Book of Revelation (Pilgrim), New Testament scholar Greg Carey guides readers beyond the urge to, ‘decode every symbol (or tame every dragon)… to engage in the urgent questions of power and loyalty’ that plague us now just as they did when the revelation first appeared.

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Want something more all-inclusive for your Lenten journey? Check out Church Anew’s Lent-in-a-Box with its sermons series outlines, worship resources, graphics, song ideas, children and family guides, devotional booklet, video devotions for worship or social media, images, backgrounds, and other post ideas, and more. Access includes materials for all of Holy Week and Easter – and now comes with free Ash Wednesday resources.

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