Six New Things: Week of August 3


Free Spirit Press’s new releases are designed to empower and equip young people: Shannon Anderson teams up first with Violet Lemay for the teenfocused Mindset Power, then with Jacob Souva, BFA, for Y Is for Yet, both designed to help young people develop a growth mindset that enhances resilience, focus and self-improvement.


In a similar vein (and also from Free Spirit), Gil Hasson invites young ones to Let Go of Jealousy, with activities for kids and advice for adults on helping children recognize jealousy and find positive ways to deal with it; Amy-Jill Levine & Sandy Eisenberg Sasso (illustrations by Annie Bowler) consider A Very Big Problem (Flyaway) which explores who/what is “best” and therefore who/which God loves more: humans or creation; and Illustrated Ministries knocks it out of the park, again, with their The Beatitudes: An Illustrated Curriculum: an intergenerational 12-session verse by verse study of the Beatitudes that promises to be flexible, adaptable, and formative for your entire Sunday school program and the whole family (and don’t forget about their Compassion Camp, which is still available!).


Looking for ways to empower and prepare youth and adults in your congregation for social change?


Read together Rev. Mark Feldmeir’s A House Divided: Engaging the Issues through the Politics of Compassion (Chalice), which explores eight of the most divisive issues of our day ‘through the lens of “a politics of love”’. Chapter study guides are provided; Video Curriculum Series helps jumpstart sessions; and early orders receive the chapter and study guide on racism NOW.


To better equip yourself and/or other caregivers with walking with folks through difficult end-of-life conversations and decisions The Conversation Project offers free guides for specific topics, including how to talk with loved ones and or medical professionals about: choosing a healthcare proxy; Alzheimer’s and dementia; a seriously ill child; and COVID-19.


Finally, for a moment of self-renewal, Rev. Julia Seymour of RevGalBlogPals shares a Friday Prayer. It seemed appropriate for many.