It must be almost Fall: everything is about worship and curricula:


What would it be like if women built a lectionary focusing on women’s stories? Imagine a year of worship grounded in A Women’s Lectionary for the Whole Church (Church Publishing). Girls, women, non-binary, boys, and men will be transformed in their relationships with themselves, their bodies, and the Divine.


Deepen that transformational vibe with Worship with Teenagers: Adolescent Spirituality and Congregational Practices (Baker).

For specific liturgical elements pertinent to going back to school in the coming days, see our Backpack Blessings Great Idea!


If you and/or your congregation is/are ready for a full-on prophetic overhaul, let Rev. Reginald W. Williams, Jr. empower and inspire your sermons with Moving the Masses: Pillars of Prophetic Preaching (Judson).

Whether you’re prophetic or not, let Maren‘s Prayers for the Heating Earth speak words of lament, longing, and hope for you.


A Sanctified Art has already unveiled their Advent-Epiphany RCL Year C Worship Resources!

If you’re looking that far ahead, you may enjoy the Advent Prep workshop, highlighted in today’s Blue Whirl Webinars.


But, if you’re just figuring out your program year, Illustrated Ministry is ready for you with their new Mini Revolutions Sunday School digital curriculum. It’s subscription-based and based on the RCL. It promises:

  • an alternative to traditional Sunday School curricula
  • simple but meaningful resources to send home to families
  • easy for any volunteer
  • adaptable for intergenerational or multi-generational use

Get a preview here – launching next week.

And keep your eyes peeled for the new Zoom Confirmation Curriculum The Ministry Lab is building in collaboration with the Presbytery of MN Valleys.


Not to be outdone, DWELL curriculum releases regular updates to their Dwell Digital curriculum. Check out the trailer, get samples, follow on Facebook, or join their Leaders Facebook Group to share ideas and adaptations.

Keep an eye on our Sunday School curriculum lib guide for frequent updates as we move toward the program year. We’ll continue to highlight new options here, too, of course!!