Six New Things – Week of April 22, 2024

Phew! This one is LATE getting to the presses – but in the spirit of April downpours bringing May abundance, here we go:


We’re nearly to the month’s conclusion, but in the midst of legislative funding decisions and ongoing terror, I can’t resist sharing Yes! Magazine’s invitation to Rethinking Arab American Heritage Month. Whether you’ve observed the month or not, it’s worth a read.

Find BuildingFaith’s Arab American Heritage Month Resource list and more on the on-going crisis between Israel & Palestine in our lib guide.


Closer to home, Robert Turner encourages congregations to consider Creating a Culture of Repair: Taking Action on the Road to Reparations (WJK) – work that will be supported by digging into Henry Louis Gates, Jr.’s The Black Box: Writing the Race (Penguin), a ‘foundational reckoning with how Black Americans have used the written word to define and redefine themselves, in resistance to the lies of racism and often in heated disagreement with each other’.

Discover more inspiring and empowering Black authors in our lib guide.


Unwrap resilience with a look at two marginalized artist groups: Thriving on a Riff: Jazz and the Spiritual Life, weaves together ‘stories from the history of American music’ to introduce us to ‘a God who not only embraces syncopation but blesses the swing’; and The Mother Artist: Portraits of Ambition, Limitation, and Creativity, which ‘twines intimate meditations on motherhood with portraits of the work, lives, and studios of mother artists, placing us in the company of women from the past and the present who persevere in both art and caregiving’ (both Broadleaf).

Find more on spirituality and the arts in our Contemplative Arts lib guide.


Deepen the spiritual lives of academic-oriented adults with, Context: Putting Scripture in Its Place (Abingdon), which ‘looks at verses we know by heart… exploring their true meanings by examining them in their original biblical context’, to unveil ‘fresh and enlightening interpretations’.

BuildingFaith lists their Top Picks for Adult Bible Study Curriculum – which we’ve added to our Adult Bible Study lib guide.


A Sanctified Art has created Special Sundays: Liturgy, Art, & Poetry for Special Days of Worship, which includes liturgical elements for Earth Day/Creation Care, Pentecost, Pride/Imago Dei, World Communion, and All Saints Day.

Find more Liturgical Elements for the Church Year (such as Pentecost) and National Observances (like Mothering & Fathering Days) in our lib guides.


To wrap up this Stress Awareness Month, Earth Day/Creation Care Month, Alcohol Awareness Month, Arab American Heritage Month, and Autism Acceptance Month, don’t miss Abundant Lives: A Progressive Christian Ethic of Flourishing (Pilgrim), which ‘invites our engagement in shared well-being, based on Jesus’ commandments to love God, our neighbors, ourselves, and our enemies’.

That’s a lot to observe, honor, and celebrate: but ‘Yea!’ for Abundance!