Six New Things – Week of April 1, 2024

Blessed Easter!! Buoyed by Christ’s Resurrection, we look ahead with renewed vigor, conviction, and courage toward gathering in, building up, and going back out into a world in need of some Good News.

Plus a bonus sermon for Sunday, April 7 – for those whose courage brought them through Holy Week and Easter and who now are strong enough to take a break!!


Send young ones out filled with courage with, Everyday Brave (Beaming), ‘a book about finding your footing, facing your fears, and discovering the lion-like roar within’.

The adult version might be Worth Fighting For: Finding Courage and Compassion When Cruelty Is Trending (WJK).

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Empower Black women and girls, ‘to love and care for [their] natural hair spiritually and practically’. My Divine Natural Hair: Inspiration & tips to Love &. Care for Your Crown (Broadleaf), ‘helps Black women embrace the God-created beauty of natural hair through inspirational readings and salon chair guidance’.

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Beloved author and lyricist Herbert Brokering found immense spiritual encouragement from his four-legged loved ones. His Cat Psalms and Dog Psalms have been reprinted! These illustrated collections, ‘are gentle and earnest tributes to the hidden spiritual wisdom of our feline and canine companions’.

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Support and affirm the courage of abuse survivors with pastoral care and theology enhanced by Surviving God: A New Vision of God through the Eyes of Sexual Abuse Survivors (Broadleaf), the latest from Grace Ji-Sun Kim and Susan M. Shaw, who ask, ‘Who is God when we see God through the eyes of survivors?’, then, ‘[center] the voices of sexual abuse survivors while rethinking key Christian beliefs, to lead us to deep healing and a transformed church’.

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Develop courageous congregational theology with, A Faith of Many Rooms: Inhabiting a More Spacious Christianity, which wonders, ‘What if there are nooks and crannies of faith we have yet to explore?’ and ‘claims that the space where God dwells is expansive and full of belonging’.

And Everything Good about God Is True: Choosing Faith, in which Bruce Reyes-Chow invites folx to create their own, ‘faith montage’ while asking, ‘What if we could articulate the gospel of love, humility, and justice? What if everything good about God is true?’ (both Broadleaf)

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And if you’re ready to brave the trinity of Tripp Fuller, John Dominic Crossan, and Diana Butler Bass, discussing Crossan’s Lecture: Jesus’ Vindication: How Is that Exaltation to Be Imagined?, read Butler Bass’s intro to their livestream/video/podcast here, view their discussion here, and catch the lecture they’re discussing here.

If you’re intrigued, for a freewill donation you can watch Crossan’s entire five-lecture series, The Historical Jesus, here.


Post-Easter Bonus:

Now available!!

Rev. Emily Meyer offers, ‘For the Whole World: Life Forevermore’, a sermon for April 7, 2024. It coalesce the RCL texts for the Second Sunday of Easter and infuses the Good News with resurrection visions for all creation.

The sermon is in written format, shareable by any member of the congregation.


Blessed Easter everyone!