Thanks to Shawn Howell for this Great Idea. Building Faith originally posted this in 2020, so watch for an updated link, below.

Shawn writes, “Many churches celebrate Shrove Tuesday with a big pancake supper. If your church does not do a pancake supper, or you know some families wan’t be able to attend, you can encourage folks to celebrate together at home!”*

* You can also use this idea as an outreach tool with both educational and joyful outcomes: bring the party packs to people who live near your church building, neighbors of members (send one or two packs home with every parishioner to distribute), or a focus population (for instance: families connected to your local elementary school). Include information about the origins of Shrove Tuesday (a succinct overview is here – and includes an English pancake recipe; a similar overview, but including a description of England’s pancake races is here).

Shawn’s write-up includes suggestions for:

  • Party Invitations
    • If sharing these with non-members, invite them to your congregation’s Shrove Tuesday celebration, if you have one; and/or invite them to Ash Wednesday, Lenten studies and services, Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter observances and celebrations – with a tiny bit of info about why these days are important and what they might expect)
  • A Photo Release
    • invite families to take photos of at-home celebrations to share on your congregation’s online platforms
  • Pancake Mix & Syrup
    • boxed mix may be best for sanitary/comfort purposes, but a recipe for home-made is included
    • maple syrup is expensive: break a large bottle down into smaller shareable sizes, or purchase little maple syrup here (this is an updated link from the one in the article)
  • Craft for Lent: Paper Plate Prayer Labyrinth
  • Party Game Suggestions
    • includes video demonstrations of two of them

If you aren’t hosting a celebration in your building, you might encourage families with children to adopt an elder or two – or vice versa – to create intergenerational at-home celebrations. If you are hosting a gathering in your building, be sure to invite all ages and the broader community.

Encourage your families to have fun, laugh a lot, and eat up – the Lenten fast begins the next day!!