Sewing Machines Change Lives

Thanks to Karla Hovde for sharing this Great Idea in the MN Annual Conference’s media this week.

Karla writes:

‘Can a sewing machine change a family’s future? If that family has limited access to other ways of making a living, a sewing machine can mean the difference between hunger and food on the table.

Rev. Randy Koppen at Bethlehem UMC in Hutchinson challenged his church to collect 50 used sewing machines for Midwest Mission, which restores and ships them to people who need them across the world. He didn’t know at the time just how ambitious this goal was.

Midwest Mission Director Chantel Corrie encourages all churches to consider a sewing machine collection because of how big a difference it can make in people’s lives.

“Giving sewing machines to women in developing countries is like giving out winning lottery tickets,” Corrie says.

Read the full article for all the reasons this is a Great Idea – and for great ways to turn it into a Great Idea your congregation can share!!