Resurrection Eggs – A Fresh Perspective

Thanks to Trace Smith for sharing this Great Idea!

Traci is wise in her treatment of sharing faith with children and gracious in her approaches to sharing faith at home. Many folx know her from her Faithful Families series of books.

From her latest installment, Faithful Families for Lent, Easter, & Resurrection, Traci shares an excerpt on Resurrection Eggs – a popular, though problematic go-to for sharing the Easter story with young ones. In her remake, Traci reimagines which symbols to share and why.

While only hinting at atonement theory in the post, Smith tackles its shortcomings more fully in the book – for which this write-up is definitely a teaser. But it’s worth considering for in-person and at-home approaches to sharing the stories of Jesus’ last days and the Resurrection.

Read Traci’s full write-up here.