Respectful Approaches around Multicultural Resources

Thanks to Ellis Reyes Montes from Building Faith for sharing this important article on how to avoid culturally appropriating music, images, and other elements of worship.

Often, in a desire to recognize and honor cultures other than the dominant white, European-descent cultures that make up the bulk of Protestant churches, clergy, musicians, and worship teams seek to incorporate artistic elements from diverse cultures.

This can be a beautiful way to invite, affirm, and embrace members and neighbors who are not white.

However, it can also be wounding and even traumatic for the very people the practice is meant to honor, if it is not approached with care, communication, and learning. Ellis Reyes Montes shares:

  • The Challenge of Cultural Appropriation
  • Three Respectful Practices (to avoid appropriation)
  • and an invitation to Keep Learning

Please read this article as we move toward Juneteenth, PRIDE, and any and all opportunities to graciously embrace and affirm the diversity within and outside church walls in healing, helpful, hopeful ways!

Read the full article here.