Thanks to Metro Bloom’s Blue Thumb for inspiring this Great Idea!

Blue Thumb workshops are a way to get one-on-one tips for transforming one’s landscape into a more sustainable, resilient, and earth/water/pollinator-friendly space. We highly recommend these inexpensive ways to learn how to transform individual house’s landscaping.

Congregation can utilize these workshops as a step in transforming the landscape around your building: sign up as a congregation and learn what changes will make your lawn more resilient and nature-friendly.

You might also sign up as a group of committed households: invite individuals and families to participate in a workshop. This could be the basis of a new, intergenerational small group focused on creation care. They can use knowledge gleaned from the workshop to transform their homes’ landscapes, invite the congregation to transform its landscape areas, and – as a small group – invite the broader community to transform their landscapes.

Make the community invitation more intentional by becoming a center for the workshops: utilizing either Metro Blooms’ Blue Thumb workshops or a similar training from a more local landscape restoration organization, invite your whole community to learn and commit to local sustainability restorations. A small group of educators, business owners, local government or council members and clergy or congregational leaders can make a huge difference working together to create a more sustainable landscape ethos across the community – while beautifying the whole town!

You might also take the wildflower approach, for which you might want to know How to Turn Your Yard into an Ecological Oasis – then teach others how to do the same; learn what plants can be cut for live bouquets, dried for longer-lasting installments, or used for tea!