Prepare Ye the Way…

We need a break! We most assuredly do.

It is tempting to think that an Advent and Christmas as close to “traditional” as possible is what we need, but it will be especially important this year that Advent and Christmas be times for healing – so the emotional, spiritual and physical break we all need can be shared by all.

Let Love be born amidst a congregational or community conversation about… LOVE! Fr. Richard Rohr has a week’s worth of readings – founded in Scripture and reflective of global teachers – to get you started.

Welcome the Prince of Peace in small groups learning how to work through Conflict, Division & Reconciliation, The Ministry Lab’s lib guide includes resources for Empowering LeadersEngaging the Community, and learning with Children.

You and other leaders can bring Emmanuel to grief and trauma stricken communities and individuals. You might develop Contemplative and Mindfulness practices for children and youth or include a seasonally specific contemplative focus amongst adults.

Step boldly into prophetic cries for raising up the low places and making the rough places plain by developing leaders, both children and adults and inviting them to seasonally specific advocacy and action.

All of the above can include outreach to your neighbors and friends: encourage your congregation to invite their family members to participate with you throughout Advent so that together they can prepare for your Christmas Eve celebrations – no matter where they are, physically!