Practice What You Preach

Thanks to Building Faith’s Ardelle Walters for sharing this Great Idea in a recent post:

Ardelle is a Licensed Professional Counselor and clergy spouse with experience serving Presbyterian clergy families.

Walters writes, ‘I have to recognize my own humanity in order to connect with and deeply humanize others. for me, practicing what I preach does not mean striving for perfection. It means being willing to acknowledge my full humanity, including, but not limited to, my struggles and failures.’

Her post invites us to wonder, ‘Do you practice what you preach?’ and encourages folx to care for one’s self as a Formation Leader.

She includes a brief list of simple tips, ideas, intentions, and practices that empower leaders to, ‘be human. See yourself as a human. Love yourself as another human. Then love your neighbor as yourself. That is, after all, what we preach.’

Her list of tips, ideas, intentions, and practices could be the start of a small group ministry for leaders: might your leader cohort enjoy some of these practices together? Or holding one another accountable for following through on these intentions?

Find her full post here.