The Ministry Lab is excited to join this second annual celebration with Mississippi River: a community celebration featuring speakers, music, booths, food, art, and play areas for children.

Co-presenting the event are:

The event is designed to highlight the care and responsibility involved in protecting and sharing valuable water resources—like Mississippi River—that in today’s world are often hidden by infrastructure and institutions. We will focus on themes of gratitude, celebration, unity, coming together, the commonality of water as a presence in our life, reverence, respect, and honor for our water and all that is sacred.

No pre-registration required.

Full schedule coming soon!

Hidden Falls Regional Park, St. Paul

June 15, 2024  //  5:00 to 8:00 PM

We were honored and overjoyed to participate in EcoFaith Summit 2024: Cross+Currents in the Flood: Building Arcs Together toward a Livable Planet.

Emily served on the Summit Planning Team. She also co-led two workshops: Graceful Conversations: Building Arcs across Divided Perspectives, with Tammy Walhoff, director of Lutheran Advocacy Minnesota; and Climate Grief and Mental Health: Building Arcs of Awareness and Wellness in Anxious Times with Joy Hensel, NE MN Synod Minister for Mental Health and Wellness. Emily also served on the Worship Planning Committee; she wrote liturgy and in concert with Rev. Dianne Loufman, choreographed movement for the central worship service.

The Ministry Lab also hosted a table, sharing our three toolkits – all relevant to the gathering:

~Eco-Anxiety Toolkit: notice, name, and address climate-related mental health concerns

~Courageous Spaces: Congregations that Listen, Lament, & Repair: develop trust and belonging in God’s Beloved Community while engaging difficult discussions on divisive issues

~WaterThreads: learn your local watershed, relate Biblical narratives, and ally with Indigenous Water Protectors

Learn more about EcoFaith Summit 2024 in the press release (here) or find the full scope of the event in the booklet (here).