Pentecost Prayer Stations

Thanks to Theresa Cho from Building Faith for writing up this Great Idea!

The article gives clear and complete directions – with photos to inspire set-up, prayer-prompt samples, and clear material lists – for creating three distinct Intergenerational Pentecost Prayer Stations:

Station #1: Flame – includes a group candle-making project with a prompt to explore how to be a light in the world

Station #2: Wind – shares instructions for creating a pinwheel prayer garden

Station #3: Creation Groans – invites sitting with creation in “groans of unspeakable words” of grief, morning, anger, distress, and repentance

Additional prayer stations ideas include:

Birthday: offer a communion-like setting of lighting candles, humming your congregation’s favorite birthday song, and eating mini-cupcakes and juice

Languages: offer a map of the world; invite participants to tag any and every country in which they are able to speak the local language; invite prayers for each area of the world by generating a list of special gifts God is bringing into the world through this place and people, and special concerns experienced in that area (see Intergenerational Diversity Exploration for tips on developing this into a pre-Pentecost faith formation event)

Evangelism: share a practice of Daily Examen or another exploration of seeing God in our daily lives; ask participants to record one story of where God has been present in their lives; rehearse sharing the Good News with a tin-can telephone or megaphone

Other options abound.

These practices could be an intergenerational prayer event, or might comprise the entire worship service for Pentecost Sunday:

  • Share your Greeting and Announcements
  • Read the Pentecost Story (as a practice in diversity!).
  • Introduce the Stations and offer instructions for safe participation and rotations.
  • Allow 6-8 minutes per station; rotate so everyone can visit every station or whatever your group size and time allow.
  • Conclude with a blessing and the Sending suggested in Celebrate Diversity Pentecost-Style.

Pentecost is our one day to specifically and intentionally honor the work of the Spirit within and amongst us! It is the birthday of the church! Let this be a High Holy Day observance to remember!!