One Word Prayer

Thanks to Colleen D. of the Center for Action and Contemplation Community for sharing this Great Idea.

Colleen D. writes:

I would like to share a way of praying that has spoken to me recently. When circumstances seem too overwhelming even to know how to pray, I start with one word. I settle myself and bring one word into focus. Words like: help, resilience, patience, courage, stillness, breathing, hope, serenity. Then, I sit with God and keep the word present in my mind. I hope you too can experience the centering sensation from a simple one-word prayer with God.

Find recorded meditations and prayers from the Center for Action and Contemplation here.

This is a take-it-anywhere prayer shareable with people of all ages and abilities.

As profound and deep as this practice can be for individuals, it can also be shared congregational, family, or in small groups. Let the group/family determine a focal word together and allow that focal word to be each person’s prayer for a determined length of time: a day, week, month, etc.

Convene at the conclusion of that time to reflect on how that focal word assisted in prayer, has shaped world-views, inspired new ideas, etc.

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