No Mow May

Thanks to Rev. Sheri Nelson at MN Conference UCC’s Outdoor Ministries for sharing this Great Idea!

In her post, ‘Beatrice the Bumblebee Is Excited to See the Flowers Bloom’, Rev. Nelson writes, “No Mow May is back. Will you take the challenge of helping all the creatures who are getting a jump-start this Spring by not mowing your lawn for one full month? I know it’s hard, but think of how much this boost from these early flowering plants will help our precious pollinators.”

She then offers a link to this article from Better Homes & Gardens (here).

It’s a wonderful invitation to join the international movement of No Mow May.

Can your congregation encourage folx to resist the mowing urge for a couple more weeks? We had a late winter – some of us Up North just had ice-out last week! It shouldn’t be too hard this year. And since the thaw is barely over, those pollinators will be extra hungry with limited opportunities to eat.

What about your congregation’s grounds? Might you avoid mowing as a public witness and encouragement for others to now mow? Maybe invite everyone on your block to join the effort to create a pollinator-happy zone.

Let the good greens grow! And keep our pollinators fed, healthy, and happy.