New Ways to Be the Church – #1

There are going to be numerous iterations that will fit under this title, so we’ll just start out by numbering them.

This first installment comes from the online version of Living Lutheran Magazine and features a congregation in Arizona. How does that apply to UCC, UMC, and Presbyterian churches in Minnesota? We’re all the Body of Christ – and in this case, the parallels and similarities of circumstances are fairly country-wide.

Watch this video to see how Living Christ Lutheran in Flagstaff, Arizona, became intentional about its outreach, welcome, and inclusion of LGBTQIA+ folx and put just a little effort into its online presence – and saw online engagement grow from 20-30 some to over 500 – from around the world.

All Christians share a core calling to share Good News of grace and love with our neighbors. Every congregation in Minnesota can discern which of their neighbors need a place to feel welcomed and a “family” to belong to. And with a little intentionality and some tech support can become that place and those people. Sharing the Gospel is what it’s all about!!!