Midterm Election Voting

Thanks to Faithful America of inspiring this Great Idea!

You may want to read Diana Butler Bass’s recent work on Christian Nationalism as a precursor to Get Out the Vote efforts. You can find all three of her summer articles here.

The Faithful America letter is not posted on a webpage, but it’s full of helpful links, so here it is in (nearly) its entirety:


The 2022 midterm election is shaping up to be a referendum on democracy and equality — and on the threat posed to these values by Christian nationalism.

…Far-right Christian nationalists and their allies are hoping that low turnout will allow them to regain power, despite the fact that they represent a minority of Americans and of Christians. That’s why it’s good news that social-justice minded Americans are already turning out in high numbers.

This election cycle, the most important thing that social-justice Christians can do is VOTE — and help our loved ones vote, too. To make sure your voice is heard, look into the details and make your plan to vote now.

Voting has changed a lot during the COVID-19 pandemic, and many states have implemented new deadlines, updated vote-by-mail rules, and changed traditional polling locations.

It’s never been more important for all of us to double check our voter registrations, our polling places, and the new rules where we live — and then make a plan to vote.

To make your plan, think through these questions, write down the answers, and put them on your fridge or somewhere else you’ll see them often:

If you’re voting in person:

If you’re voting by mail:

  • Are you registered to vote? (Some states have scrubbed their rolls, so double check.)
  • Have you received your ballot yet? If not, what’s the procedure for getting one in your state?
  • How and when will you return your ballot? Will you mail it, or use a drop box (if your state has them)? If a drop box, where is that box located, and how and when will you get there?
  • Can you share this email with friends, and make sure three friends or family members who don’t always vote are also returning their ballots?
  • Get the information you need for these questions and more at Vote 411 from the League of Women Voters >>

This election cycle has been difficult and anxiety-inducing for many of us, but we always have the hope of the resurrection. Let’s use this election season as an opportunity to speak out and show that social-justice Christians want to live in a loving and inclusive society.

…Casting your ballot is nearly always a quick and easy way to live your values — but sometimes problems can occur. If something is wrong at your polling place or you’re having trouble casting your ballot, please reach out to the non-partisan Election Protection coalition’s website and hotline for help.

PS – Faith leaders: Although it’s against tax law to endorse or oppose individual candidates and parties in church, it’s acceptable and even pastoral to discuss the underlying issues at stake and even to register voters. Please encourage everyone in your community to make a plan to vote their values, and direct them towards helpful resources like vote411.org.


How might your congregation support local voters in getting to the polls this midterm election?

Could you support a few small booths around town, invite people into your building, or go door-to-door to encourage folx to get out and vote – and ensure that eligible voters are registered to vote?

See the above letter and its plethora of helpful links to ensure that you, your congregation, and your neighbors know when, where, and how to vote – and ensure that all who are eligible are registered to vote.