Memorial Arboretum

Thanks for Liberation Theology Lutheran blogger, Kristin Berkey-Abbott for this fantastic and powerful Great Idea!

Berkey-Abbot basically suggests that we create local memorial arboretums as a way to remember and commemorate those who have died as a result of Covid-19. You can read her reasoning and the full scope of her idea in Memorial Arboretum.

Could your congregation be a part of this drive in your community? How about partnering with other congregations – interdenominationally and interfaith? This could be a bonding project around which you might form a fully ecumenical and interreligious network of leaders – which could become an amazing resource of resilience, hope, visioning, and transformation for the whole community.

Invite young and old to participate in studies about how it might effect air and water quality in your area; in planning the where and how of the project; and in doing the work. An intergenerational project from start to finish, to be sure!

Make it as intentionally spiritual or non-spiritual as your community input supports: could your interfaith leadership create a universally acceptable (and enjoyable) “guide” for engaging with the memorial? Perhaps that isn’t necessary and participation is left entirely to the viewer?

Read Memorial Arboretum for inspiration and suggestions – and then build on it for your particular community.