Love Notes

Thanks to our friend, Joan Davig, for posting this Great Idea!

Joan’s grandchildren sent her a little keepsake box full of little cut-out hearts with love notes written on them. She and her spouse are able to take out a single little note every day – first thing in the morning, around mealtime, just before bed, etc. – and read a little note of love from one of their grandchildren. It is a highlight of the day!

Even though Valentine’s Day has come and gone, a little message of love, acceptance, hope, or belonging is never out of season.

Invite any and all ages and small groups to participate:

  1. Determine recipients:
    • Folks in the hospital or isolated at home?
    • Folks who work in the hospital or other essential workers?
    • Transient peoples or peoples experiencing homelessness?
    • People new to your community?
    • Every single household in your congregation/community?
  2. Create containers:
    • Woodworkers (it would be cool if you had the right artists!, but potentially overwhelming to make numerous small boxes)
    • Children (create a yogurt/ice cream container craft?)
    • Knitters or seamstri (that’s my non-gendered term for people who sew) might fashion Love Note pouches
    • Youth could make found-object artsy ones; etc.
  3. All ages can write notes:
    • Cut paper into desired shapes – all hearts, or a diversity of shapes
    • Offer suggested phrases to inspire creative notes
    • Each writer could repeat their phrase on every note
    • OR every writer creates totally diverse notes
    • Littles can add a drawing to a simple note of “You are loved”.
  4. Collect and prep:
    • Gather all notes together
    • If each writer has repeated the same phrase, be sure a note from each writer gets into each container
    • If each writer has created diverse notes, mix them up and distribute at random
  5. Write a cover letter:
    • Write a note from the congregation explaining that this is your collective way of sharing some love.
    • Shape the letter to address specific needs or interests of your recipients (i.e., prayers for well-being, gratitude for service, knowing you are welcome/belong here, etc.).
    • Invite recipients to take a note out per day to receive a daily “dose” of love, appreciation, or belonging.
  6. Create a team to distribute the containers to your chosen audience!

Facilitate production by sharing to-go bags containing all necessary materials, or make everything from materials easily found at home.

Any time is a good time to spread some love around!