Live Clue: Bring the Board Game to Life!

Thanks to Lauren Wainwright of Building Faith for this Great Idea!!

Wainwright writes, “I love doing fun and creative events with my youth group. One of these special events is a LIVE CLUE Night. Do you know the classic detective board game? We play it in person! This is an awesome activity which allows youth to interact with adults from the church, to think critically, and to build relationships.”

You can find her complete outline of how to make LIVE CLUE Night a thing in your congregation here.

You might also consider moving the activity out-of-doors to make it a safe event for all, even in the midst of the pandemic.

You could expand on this idea with other board games: Monopoly or Life might include conversations about financial stewardship or other major life decisions, based on one’s faith and theology. Risk could include a lot of conversations about diplomacy, war, violence, and refugees. Even Chutes and Ladders or Candy Land could be fun to talk about planning, luck, God’s will, Divine intervention, etc.

Pick a game, adapt as necessary, invite unlikely participants, get dressed up, and have some fun together!