Light Is Both

Thanks to Traci Smith for sharing this Great Idea in her Treasure Box Tuesday list from last week.

The Conversation is a science blog that asks kids what they wonder about. Their July 1, 2021, Curious Kids article considers a question from 15-year-old Ishan from Dubai, who asked: Is light a wave or particle?

The article goes into the science about the fact that light is both a wave and a particle and offers a ‘double-slit’ experiment to encourage kids’ explorations.

It then explores Einstein’s explanation of light as a particle.

The author offers her own understanding of light, but encourages kids to ‘dig deeper and make up [their] own mind!’

The same encouragement for further research and digging might be encouraged as kids consider Jesus as ‘the Light of the World’ (John 1:1ff & John 8: 12ff) and Jesus’ assertion that we, too, are called to be ‘the light of the world'(Matthew 5:14-15).

Consider how light behaves, what light does, how light interacts with other matter.

Play with the metaphor, noticing how Jesus was the Light of the World; then consider how we who are followers of Jesus might also be ‘the light of the world’.

This is an obvious connection to early Advent as we discuss Christ’s Incarnation, but you might also enjoy sharing this research/study during a summer camp when star-gazing is an option, or under the hot summer sun. Talking about light at any of the solstices or equinoxes is also a good fit.

Don’t forget to include the baptismal covenant: Let your light so shine before others that they might see your good works and give glory to your Abba!!