This Great Idea is a Ministry Lab original – and is multiple Great Ideas in one:

  • small group and intergenerational learning opportunities
  • community building
  • creative arts and tech for all ages
  • and a full worship service that is unique to your congregation and specific setting when you’re done!

Executive Director Emily Meyer, in conversation with Rev. Karen Larson, Nikkole Collins, and Cathy Pino of the Berne Church/Zwingli UCC, created Dreams of a New Day, a Christmas pageant and full worship service wrapped in one.

Participants are intended to be intergenerational, with specific parts designated for Elders, Grandparents, Parents, Youth, Child[ren], and at least one Infant.

The Bible study is a guide for finding local sites in which to set the drama as participants wonder where the Christ child might be born in your community, right now; as well as prompts for creating DREAMS, which are shared by a representative or group from each generation, throughout the pageant – making this pageant completely unique to any congregation with a strong emphasis on tying all generations together.

Read the full pageant here.

Find the study guide here.