How to Live the 50 Days of Easter

Thanks to Building Faith’s Elizabeth Ring for compiling this list of tips and practices for ‘living into the Easter Season’.

The Season of Easter/Eastertide lasts 50 days. For many, ‘the charm seems to wear off after about 3 weeks’.

Thus begins Ring’s post on ‘reversing this trend’.

Her first example is 50 Days Activity List from St Chrysostom’s in Manchester, UK.

Ring follows that up with her own suggestions for living fully into Eastertide, including:

Build on Lent:

  • delve even more deeply into a spiritual practice that resonated with you during Lent.

Build on Baptism:

  • reflection how daily activities bring a baptism promise to life

Build with Art

  • draw

Ring concludes her post writing, ‘Lots of things begin at Eastertide. Jesus’ resurrection brings us into new relationship with [Christ]… What new beginnings [will] be revealed for you during this 50 day celebration?’

Read the full post here.