Hospitality in the Deconstruction Era

Thanks to Annalise Radcliffe for writing up this Great Idea for Faithward.

Radcliffe writes, ‘People are dismantling the faith they have been given and examining it closely. This is called deconstruction. Sometimes deconstruction results in picking up a faith that is very different from the one that has been held before; sometimes deconstructions means walking away from the faith community all together. Regardless, it has serious implications for the church, particularly in the ways that the body of Christ welcomes those who are asking big questions about faith.’

The article includes a ‘faith deconstruction and how to get through it’ toolkit, available here. This will help ground the discussion around deconstruction in biblical, Jesus-approved, language.

Radcliffe’s top three tips for hospitality in a deconstruction era include:

  1. Consider how to help all people feel safe.
    1. See also: How to Offer Everyone Access to God’s Community
  2. Remember it is not your job to fix the doubts of others.
  3. Listen well, and provide a safe space to be heard.

Radcliffe writes, ‘My prayer in this age of faith deconstruction is that all of us are attentive to both our own spiritual journeys and the journeys of those who are wrestling with faith in our midst.’

Read the full article here.