Healing the Hurt

Thanks to Christa Meland for writing up this important Great Idea.

Find specific, tangible ways to stand in solidarity with Brooklyn Center community members and offer compassion, join communal grief and lament, and slowly move toward healing in Meland’s Healing the Hurt in Brooklyn Center: How You Can Help.

While the article addresses UMC members, most of the information is useful for anyone.

You can find additional ways to support Brooklyn Center and other hurting folks in Sahan Journal’s article.

You might also join The Center for Leadership and Neighborhood Engagement‘s Healing Our City Virtual Prayer Tent for Minneapolis via Zoom or Facebook for reflection followed by your form of prayer, silence or meditation. This week’s leaders can be found here. The prayers are live-streamed every morning at 8:00 AM CST.

Share this info widely to support your whole community’s efforts toward healing and justice.