Guns to Gardens

Thanks to RAW Tools for existing: they are full of Great Ideas!!

Nearly nine months ago we shared a Great Idea called America Is Not a Gun.

Since then, gun violence has continued to increase across the country.

Mass shootings (defined by Gun Violence Archive as ‘any shooting in which four or more people are shot or killed in a single incident’) now occur more than once a day: there were 647 counted in 2022; there have been over 80 since the beginning of 2023.

RAWTools buys guns back from owners and reworks them into garden implements and jewelry – creating life-giving tools from death-dealers.

Easter would be an excellent time to join this movement, bringing new life and hope to those already affected by gun violence and diminishing the potential for future shootings.

RAWTools is a national movement seeking to partner with local churches and other organizations to enact local gun buy-backs, educate about gun violence, advocate for gun violence victims, and in other ways respond to and counter-act gun violence.

There are numerous ways individuals and congregations can support or partner with RAWTools:

Partnering with RAWTools promises to ‘disarm hearts and forge peace’ while moving ‘from fear to creativity’. Do something. End gun violence.