Grounding Practice for Kids

Thanks to Jennifer Grant from Beaming Books for sharing this Great Idea!

I don’t often share pieces that directly relate to new publications, but contemplative practices for kids are near to my heart and this one is timely as an Easter or Earth Day practice so here goes:

Jennifer Grant is the author of Finding Calm in Nature (Beaming; 2023), which explores some of the ways ‘being in nature is good for our bodies and minds’. Each chapter, ‘explores a different element of nature and connects it with a mindfulness prompt designed to help kids manage their feelings’.

Grant shares two kid-focused practices based on excerpts from her book. The first explores the importance of roots for plants – and for humans – and invites kids to identify the people who ‘root’ them.

The second wonders about Redwoods and their shallow – but widely interconnected – root system, inviting participants to ‘Practice Being Grounded’ through an exploration of their own interconnectedness.

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