Equity-Based Hospitality

Thanks to Rev. Liz Testa for writing up this great study/overview of equity-based hospitality for Faithward.

Rev. Testa begins with helpful definitions of equity-based hospitality – both from Webster and the Bible.

She then makes the essential differentiation between equality and equity.

Following the definitions, Testa offers ‘Nine Scriptural Values of Equity’:

  1. Sense of belonging and ability to contribute: 1 Peter 4:10
  2. Access for all: Luke 8:40-55
  3. Intentional diversity: Romans 10:11-12 & Revelation 7:9
  4. Authenticity, vulnerability, and humility: Micah 6:8
  5. Trust: 1 Corinthians 12:12-30
  6. Care for content and context: Luke 24
  7. Attention to power dynamics: Acts 6:1-7
  8. Prioritize the needs of others: Matthew 14:13-21
  9. Respective participation levels: Mark 10:17-31

‘Ultimately’, writes Testa, ‘being hospitable to the whole body of Christ requires us to recognize that different parts of the body have different needs… The practice of equity-based hospitality is about embracing each person with the hospitality that they need to participate fully. By honoring our differences we can draw nearer to the unity in Christ that God envisions for us.’

Find the full article here.

Access the full Equity-Based Hospitality Study here.