Empowering Queer Youth of Faith

Thanks to Rev. Kim Nagy for writing up this great overview of Beloved Arise in the current Association of United Church Educators newsletter.

This isn’t so much a Great Idea as a resource write-up for youth ministry leaders and clergy. But seeing as it’s a resource that could save a life or two, it’s definitely a Great Idea to share it.

Rev. Nagy recounts personal stories of young people coming out and pairs them with The Trevor Project’s statics of suicides and attempted suicides among queer youth – particularly among those pressured into conversion or changing therapies.

All of this by way of illustrating why Beloved Arise has been such a gift. Their motto is to ‘celebrate and empower queer youth of faith’ – by which they mean all faiths, across the country. You can find them on instagram and on their webpage (belovedarise.org), where you’ll find, ‘loads of resources, including a video entitled, “4 Tips for Coming Out to Your Christian Parents’ along with several free downloads, including, ‘God Is for You’, ‘Journey Together,’ ‘QYF’, and ‘Fourteen Days of Love’.

Another giant project is creating a nationwide network of youth groups that are affirming of LGBTQIA+ youth. Open & Affirming (UCC) – or other likewise engaged congregations can fill out an inquiry form on the webpage (here) to be listed as a welcoming group. And, as Rev. Nagy writes, ‘When queer youth of faith are looking for a place to belong, your church might be the closest one to them, and it could save their life.’

Read Nagy’s full write-up here.

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