Election Day

Tuesday, November 7, 2023 is Election Day. Non-Presidential Election years tend to get short shrift with media attention – and our own. But local decisions are exceedingly – and increasingly – important!!

Thanks to ISAIAH for putting together this incredibly helpful tool – full of Great Ideas!! – to support voter awareness and access.

ISAIAH is a multi/interfaith organization committed to, ‘Building a just and abundant Minnesota through faith in action.’

ISAIAH’s email in its entirety is as follows:

‘Minneapolis Election Day is TOMORROW, Tuesday, Nov. 7th!

We know the power our votes have to build a multiracial democracy and state that works for all of us across race, religion, and region. We expect Minnesotans, as we’ve done in the past, to be among one of the highest turnout states in the country. Even more, at least 55,000 Minnesotans had their right to vote restored earlier this year during the legislative session!

Voting is [a] group project.

Have you done your part of the assignment? If not yet, do you know your voting plan?

If you haven’t voted yet, there’s still time! 

REMEMBER — if you have an absentee ballot, it is too late to mail it. Drop it off by 8PM on November 7th to the election office that sent your ballot (likely not your polling place). Make sure your voice is heard!

If you have are feeling sick or not able to vote in-person, you can still be a voter. Every vote matters, so it is vital that we cast our ballots for leaders we believe in! Learn more about agent delivery

If you’ve already voted early, forward this email to 3 friends and remind them to vote this season.

Thank you for being a voter! 



Support these efforts by getting out to vote, yourself, and forwarding this info on to others!

Find additional resources in our Census & Voting lib guide.