Eclipse, Faith & Science

Thanks to Emily Ewing for sharing this Great Idea on the SparkHouse Blog!

Use the coming solar eclipse as an opportunity to invite congregation members and neighbors to explore faith and science in conversation with one another!

In their SparkHouse blog, Emily Ewing writes,

‘Too often science and religion are put at odds with each other, even though they address different questions about the mysteries in the universe. This April communities of faith have a great opportunity to embrace the wonder of science with the solar eclipse that will occur across North America on April 8th between 11:07 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time on Mexico’s Pacific coast and 5:16 p.m. Newfoundland Daylight Time on Canada’s Atlantic coast.’

Ewing suggests that congregations in the path of the eclipse can use this as ‘an opportunity to practice hospitality by welcoming the community or even folks or other congregations from out of town to use your parking lot and restrooms’.

They go on to suggest several activities and outline opportunities for community engagement – whether in the direct path of the total eclipse or not. Ideas include:

  • prep kids who may be in school during the eclipse with a Sunday school lesson on Genesis 1: God’s creation of light and dark – be sure to include important safety tips (like these from NASA)
  • create a blingy eclipse-viewing hole-punched card
  • discuss geography by tracing the eclipse’s path across the US – learn about people along that path as you go
  • support local science centers who will likely host their own eclipse-related events – bring cookies to the staff or otherwise engage the center as a supportive community participant in whatever they are doing

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