Thanks to Rev. Cindy Gregerson, Director of Connectional Ministries and Clergy Assistant to the Bishop of the MN Annual Conference UMC, for sharing this Great Idea in the MN Annual Conference UMC’s MNConnect newsletter.

Aware of the wildfire devastation in Maui and inspired by a recent cricket-inclusive meal off the Indigenous-only menu at Indigenous-owned and run restaurant Owamni, Rev. Grefgerson was inspired to wonder: ‘What can I do? What should I be doing to help ensure [that beautiful] places are here not just for me but for future generations…?’

The cricket meal helped her recognize that some of what we need to do will push outside our comfort zones. It may be necessary, then, to intentionally try new ways of being that are within our comfort zone first, then begin to push ourselves outward as new ways of life become more and more familiar, natural, and easy.

After learning some new things about how small daily decisions have significant negative impacts on the environment, she committed to herself to two sustainable starting points: eat less red meat and read labels more carefully for palm oil.

What small – or large – steps can you take? What’s one thing you can do today? How might that one thing become sustainable?

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Read Gregerson’s full article here.

Where is your passion? What one small thing is God calling you or your congregation to undertake? Let yourself feel inspired – it’s good for building up hope! Let that hope grow to commitment: take your step and leave the world a better place.