Developing a Thank-You Strategy

Thanks to the MN Conference UCC for sharing David Cleaver-Bartholomew’s post with this Great Idea!

Cleaver-Bartholomew (Director of Stewardship and Donor Relations for the Southern New England Conference, UCC), remembers his parents teaching him the importance of the words, ‘Pardon me,’, ‘Thank you,’ and ‘Please’ – with a quick little poem. He argues that gratitude – or thankfulness – and generosity “go hand in hand and are two sides of the same coin”. These words, he writes, are essential to creating a congregational ethos of stewardship.

Therefore, Cleaver-Bartholomew encourages developing a “Thank-You Strategy” – and shares tips for creating one that is comprehensive without being complicated. And he suggests that this season of Annual Meetings and reports is a good time to start.

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