Creating a Children’s Lending Library

Thanks to Angela Compton Nelson from BuildingFaith for creating, expanding, and sharing this Great Idea!

Angela Compton Nelson writes, “Creating a church lending library is the result of focused, slow, and ongoing attention over many years.” In a previous article – Creating a Children’s Lending Library for Your Church: Where to Start – she outlines how to:

  • Establish priorities, values, and vision
  • Strategize and plan
  • Incorporate children’s books into programs
  • Organize your collection
  • Maintain your collection

In a more recent article – Creating a Children’s Lending Library for Your Church: Frequently Asked Questions – she considers how to:

  • Afford a lending library
  • Purchase more than one copy
  • Incorporate the library into the life of the community
  • Ensure book returns
  • Handle unwanted donations

This is, of course, a Great Idea close to our hearts. We are more than happy to help you establish a children’s book lending library. Please contact us to:

  • Consult on how-tos, questions, funding concerns, etc.
  • Peruse our extensive collection of children’s books and Bibles for inspiration
  • Learn from our organizational and lending structures (which are currently in flux, so we’re definitely in our own Q & A season!)
  • Discover possible free resources from our Free Book shelf

We would love to help you create your own Children’s Book Lending Library and develop numerous ways to incorporate these beautiful and helpful resources into the life of your congregation – as well as encourage family utilization – on a regular basis!