Create an Outdoor Labyrinth

There are countless variations to this project that extend the blessings of a labyrinth to all ages, abilities and beyond the congregation: get creative with location, builders, size and materials!

One option

  • Locate the labyrinth on church grounds.  (A temporary labyrinth is a great use for the parking lot while it’s not being used for cars.)
  • Initiate the build with an online introduction to labyrinths and labyrinth walking as a contemplative practice: this could be one intergenerational or several age-specific studies – either way, get lots of folks involved!
  • Invite youth and elders to build it together. A temporary labyrinth is easily laid out with yarn and a few stakes or large rocks.
  • Encourage those with physical or health-concern limitations to pray for those doing the building.
  • Create a kiosk with information and introductions for walkers.
  • ~Create an on-site “journal” to serve as a Guest Book/registry/reflections board and/or create an online journal/facebook group for walkers to share their reflections, if they feel so moved.
  • Invite neighbors!!!

A second option

  • Invite members to create a labyrinth in their own yard or in a communal open space.
  • The build could be a family or a group project;
  • Non-builders can pray for each individual household project, or one in particular [that of a mentee, a Co-
    Visitor (see Great Idea for Congregational Life!), a particular loved one, etc.);
  • Create info and guest registry for reflection;
  • Invite neighbors!!

Take the time to consider

  • accessibility for people with different abilities when determining location, surface and width of lanes;
  • local and state distancing recommendations when inviting additional walkers: observe best practices and encourage all walkers to do the same!
  • inviting neighbors to either a “ground-breaking” ceremony (no ground is broken, so that is not literal) and/or an “opening” (outdoor labyrinths are always accessible, so this, too, is metaphorical) to generate interest and awareness that this is for anyone and everyone!
  • include your congregation’s name and online platform(s) info somewhere near the labyrinth: people may have questions!

Seasonal Ideas

  • create the labyrinth with hay bales for a fall iteration
  • trace the labyrinth in the snow and light with luminaria for beautiful winter evening walks; some congregations are using this as a Christmas Eve or New Years Eve observance!

Bless the labyrinth(s) at a Grand Opening celebration and walk in the Spirit!