Contemplative Arts Advent Retreat

Thanks to Simone Monique Barnes for sharing this Great Idea through Building Faith.

Barnes writes, “During Advent, invite the community to a relaxing, self-guided afternoon with various forms of artistic prayer and opportunities for both fellowship and solitude. People may come and go or stay for the full experience. Attendees may bring their favorite art and craft supplies from home or use the supplies provided.”

She then offers suggestions for setting up for the various spaces, including:

The Engagement Space

    1. where the retreat begins and ends
    2. where folx are welcomed
    3. the talking, fellowship, and art-making space
    4. where music might be played in the background
    5. where tables are prepared for art-making, including:
      1. table with supplies for ‘signature’ art project
      2. the 5 P’s
      3. printed mandalas, finger labyrinths, coloring sheets (see Illustrated Ministry, Sanctified Arts, and Prayerworks Studio for options)
      4. collage and decoupage materials
      5. empty table for folx who bring materials from home

The Contemplative Space

  1. where silence is maintained
  2. adorned with candles
  3. several prayer prompts, such as:
    1. a labyrinth (we have some to rent)
    2. prayer books (find suggestions and ML books to borrow here)
    3. directions/supplies for Lectio Divina
    4. contemplative creating writing prompts

Barnes includes a sample agenda for the day and intention, which can help with promoting the event.

Read the full article here.

Find additional Contemplative Arts ideas here and support for a contemplative Advent here.

This would be a wonderful event to share with the wider community: a gentle way to interrupt the consumerist narrative with space for resting without an agenda!