Christmas Cheer Carolers

This is via a virtual Coffee Hour grapevine, so we have no idea of the source – sorry! But perhaps several congregations have already thought of it, so we’ll spread the credit around.

Christmas Carolers might be a great way to spread some cheer, invite some much-missed singing – and potentially raise some funds for a Christmas offering and/or for local musicians!

If your congregation has one (or more!) of those households that overflows with musical talent and joy, they could be your carolers. Or, pay local musicians (many of whom are suffering from prolonged unemployment) to serve as carolers in very small groups or as soloists (observing safety protocols is essential!). Sponsoring local pros as a congregation is great community-mindedness and outreach.

Invite the whole community (members and non-members) to “Share a Christmas Carol”: create an online quick-fill form for folks to schedule a caroling visit for themselves, a loved one, someone on your prayer list, etc. Ask for appropriate contact information so recipients can be contacted ahead of time, ensuring they’ll be home and that safety measures are followed [i.e., extra social distancing (to accommodate singing), mask wearing, no treats or cocoa, etc.].

The whole operation can be shared for free as community building and outreach. Or, ask for donations from carol senders to support a specified recipient. Or, ask for donations to support the professional musicians providing the music. Or, both!

Video-tape visits (with permission from carolers and recipients) to share online to further the outreach and community engagement.

Share some Christmas cheer with real-live carolers!!