Away with the Mangers Campaign

Thanks to Brandon Wrencher for sharing this Great Idea in Building Faith.

Brandon invites congregational leaders ‘interested in using liturgical direct action in your congregation’ to consult with him. This may be a Great Idea, in and of itself. ALSO: Members of The Ministry Lab have unlimited consulting for such interests with Rev. Emily Meyer, liturgical writer for Sundays and Seasons, 2024 (Augsburg) and consultant and choreographer for the Lutheran World Federation’s Global Assembly, 2023.

Brandon’s article, Away with the Mangers: A Direct Action Campaign to Transform People and Politics, is an outline for direct action of all kinds in communities of all kinds and a roadmap to congregational relevance and vitality.

Wrencher asks, ‘What if Advent were less about which songs to sing which weeks and more about resources to ensure that all people are housed?’ He then outlines:

  • Why Away with The Mangers Began
  • Our Work to #KeepJesusHoused
    • including the #KeepJesusHoused Liturgy – for which an extensive disclaimer is included and should be read, so please see the article for the link
  • Solidarity in a Virtual Teach-In
    • which includes a re-written Away in the Manger hymn, including local references of solitary and truth-telling
  • Using Liturgy to Speak to Injustice
  • Developing a Direct Action Campaign: How to Get Started
    • Talk to people in your community and ask them what their biggest needs are
    • Look for patterns in the needs that people name
    • Consider possible systemic injustices in a widespread need
    • Bring the need and injustice to liturgy and scripture
    • Partner with the people and groups

Read the full article here.

The Ministry Lab will gladly be one of those groups – connecting congregations with resources, organizations, liturgical assistance, and more. This powerful witness is a call of the church! What is God calling out from your congregation? With whom is God urging your community to stand in solidarity? What focus might Lent take to transform your community into a more just place of belonging?