Thanks to Rev. Anne Michelle Turner of Grace Episcopal Church, Alexandria, VA for sharing this Great Idea through Building Faith.

Rev. Turner’s article highlights the juxtaposition of Christmas and Ascension Day, writing, “In December, we celebrate how the divine enters our ordinary human lives. In May, we honor how all that is ordinary, corporeal, and human is gathered up into God’s divine life.” And, she notes, in the days of COVID, “we need this reminder [that] we are destined for glory, however messy or grim our situation looks in the present moment.”

With these theological underpinnings, “Mother Anne” created an outdoor Ascension Day celebration to be held at a park near the airport, where planes pass over just after takeoff and as they land. Picnics and leashed pets were encouraged. The worship service took 45 minutes. The liturgy was simple, but celebratory, including Prayers and Telling the Story. Despite meeting both in person this year, they intend to repeat the event as it was so memorable.

Find the whole article – including the liturgy and a fun approach to telling the story – here.